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Heart & Soul Fitness was founded in Concord, CA by Tana Vigus. Influenced by the REFIT® brand, Tana felt that successful fitness is more than just the outward appearance that most fitness programs focus on. 


"True fitness needs to include the well-being of the heart and soul."


It is from that idea that Heart & Soul Fitness is derived.  Sure physical fitness is a goal, but how much more important is a joyful spirit, community, meaningful relationships, and positive self-image?   

At Heart & Soul Fitness, our goal is to inspire you to fear not and believe, in what whatever that is for your fitness journey!


Join our certified instructors and see the difference.  You won't leave feeling the same as when you leave the corporate classes.  It's not just about your body when you work out with us, it's about all of you..

and that includes your heart and your soul!

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