Hugs for Heart & Soul Fitness

Support local small business through the covid-19 health crisis.

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Hugs for Heart & Soul!  Give us a simple "hug" with a small donation.  We'll know you're supporting us while social distancing until we are able to hug again. Your simple donation will go a long way in this community.  Want to give more?

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Donations made to Heart & Soul Fitness  are NOT tax-deductible


give a gift

To give the gift of a Heart & Soul Fitness class, click the link below to purchase a pass.  After purchase, e-mail us at  from your purchase e-mail, and tell us the recipient's name and e-mail address.  It's that easy!  The recipient will receive an e-mail letting them know of your thoughtfulness.  We thank you for your support and they will too!  Buy a pass for your dog too, we won't judge.

We launched our

Hugs for Heart & Soul Fitness

campaign on April 17, 2020 to fulfill our community's request to be able to help.  Check out our first ever live Facebook video to learn more!