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Tana Vigus

Founder, Heart & Soul Fitness, Certified REFIT® and REV+FLOW Instructor

Tana is a wife to a supportive husband and a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful little girl. Professionally, she is an elementary school educator.  She has been a dancer since she was young and as an adult found that dancing is still the only workout she truly enjoys. She found REFIT® on YouTube a few years ago while dreading yet another trip to the gym. REFIT® had everything she was looking for and more! She has found it to be an amazingly fun workout with great music. She loves the impactful songs and inspiration given by instructors after each class. After giving birth and taking time off from teaching, she decided she wanted to be a REFIT® instructor.  Her goal is to motivate her students to be the best version of themselves both inside and out. In a REFIT ® class, she believes in experiencing fitness, building community, and making an impact.

Eileen McNaughton

Ballet with Mrs. M

Eileen McNaughton is a former professional dancer with the San Francisco Ballet.  She is currently a kindergarten teacher in the local Mount Diablo Unified School District.  She enjoys combining her passions of teaching, children, and dance.

Tony Avila

Certified Zumba® Instructor

Tony's mom always used to tell him that when she would take him to the park as a child he would become really happy when he heard music and would start to dance.  Dancing and happiness!  This is what happened to Tony when he discovered Zumba® four years ago.  He is grateful for ID&F Studio and its owner Iris Flores that gave him the opportunity to become a Zumba® instructor.  One day, by accident, he had to sub for an instructor at the studio while wearing pajamas and pink shoes!  That is how he lead his first class.  It was successful and the rest is history!  Tony believes music brings happiness.  Tony loves working out but working out to music.... that's even better.  Tony says, "Let's dance and be happy together!"

Beatriz Vela Torre

Instructor Certified in Zumba®, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold

Beatriz grew up dancing Latin rhythms in Lima-Peru.  Her favorite rhythms are Merengue, Salsa, and Bachata.  After having her two children, she set a goal to lose weight and stay active.  She tried many exercise formats, but nothing provided the results she wanted until she found Zumba®.  She was fascinated from the first class.  She achieved her goal in losing weight, but moreover it helped her relieve her stress.  Zumba is her "party time."  She has been an instructor since 2012.  Beatriz says, "I invite you to come and enjoy my classes. Let's dance and tone that body."  Check her out on Facebook!


Certified REFIT® Instructor

Katie came sideways into REFIT® and is still a bit surprised on where it has taken her.  Her career is scientific and traditionally her workouts consisted of running and MMA based works like Core de Force.  A good friend convinced her to try REFIT® despite some resistance about the "danciness" but she was hooked.  If you are nervous about coming into a dance fitness class because you feel like you have two left feet, or your don't do "dancy," her classes are a great way to ease into dance fitness with a mix of choreography that includes punching, kicks, and attitude.  Katie's playlist can best be described as punchy and empowering with a mix of toning songs that will encourage you to explore your limits.

Daphna Coffman

Certified Zumba® Instructor

Daphna discovered Zumba® when a friend recommended a class.  She quickly fell in love with the fun dance routines, the Latin music, and the positive energy.  The extra stamina and endurance she gained through these Zumba® workouts was an added bonus she never expected.  Most importantly, Zumba® makes her heart feel happy!  She left every class feeling better than when she arrived.  She loves how Zumba® creates a bonded community and strong camaraderie.  She says, "Come experience an hour of fun, high-energy moves that will leave you feeling heart-happy and stress-free.  Come join our community!"

Alicia Flores

Zumba and Zumba Toning Certified

Alicia Flores lives in Concord and has been a ZIN™ Member since December 2016.  She absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes.  The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party!  She is currently licensed to teach Zumba and  Zumba Toning. Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast!

Jennifer Miller

Certified Zumba Instructor

Jennifer has been dancing since the age of four and has worked as a dance instructor and choreographer for over 20 years. She discovered Zumba eight years ago and was immediately hooked by the positive energy of the instructors and students and the “feel good” vibes of the music. After taking a hiatus when her son was born, she returned to Zumba three years ago and became certified as an instructor in February 2019. She promises a Zumba class that will leave you both sweaty and happy. Come party with us! 

Heather Simmons

Toddler Ballet "Dance Fun"

Heather Simmons grew up dancing in a home with 6 sisters.  They all took ballet lessons and to afford the crazy cost, Mom traded services by sewing the ballet costumes for the recitals!  Heather's parents also loved to dance and often taught ballroom lessons to groups for fun. One of Heather's favorite memories growing up was standing on her dad's feet while he whirled her around dancing in the kitchen! 

Mrs. Simmons took ballet from Clytie Adams School of Ballet for 15 years and Ballet West Conservatory for 4-5 years.  While with Ballet West she danced in the Nutcracker for 6 years as a baffoon, party girl, soldier, oriental servant, and had the role of Clara for 2 years. She also danced in Anna Karenina, as a child role, with Ballet West.  She toured the state of UT and traveled to NM to elementary schools with Ballet West when in middle school.  In high school she decided to branch out, quit ballet, and dance on the high school drill team.  Upon graduating high school, her dance teacher, Clytie Adams, invited her to teach with her.  Heather came to love sharing her talents with children.  She taught a year of dance in Japan at Fukuoka International School for middle school / high school age students. In college she took ballroom and hula and came to love new ways to move!  After college came marriage and children which meant no dance for a time.  Eventually her little ones grew up to that magical age of 3 when they all wanted to be ballerinas! When her girls asked her if they could take ballet she replied, "SURE!"  So, she opened a dance studio out of her home to teach her girls and their friends! Over the course of 3-4 years she had about 45 students dancing with them.  Her little Margaret Jane was born and she had to stop teaching for a time. Now Margaret Jane is in Kindergarten and so she has some time to dance again! She says, "I am excited to start again at Heart and Soul with Tana and Mrs M!

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