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Tana Vigus

Tana is a wife to a supportive husband and a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful little girl. Professionally, she is an elementary school educator.  She has been a dancer since she was young and as an adult found that dancing is still the only workout she truly enjoys. She found REFIT® on YouTube a few years ago while dreading yet another trip to the gym. REFIT® had everything she was looking for and more! She has found it to be an amazingly fun workout with great music. She loves the impactful songs and inspiration given by instructors after each class. After giving birth and taking time off from teaching, she decided she wanted to be a REFIT® instructor.  Her goal is to motivate her students to be the best version of themselves both inside and out. In a REFIT ® class, she believes in experiencing fitness, building community, and making an impact.

Founder, Heart & Soul Fitness, Certified REFIT® and REV+FLOW Instructor


Katie came sideways into REFIT® and is still a bit surprised on where it has taken her.  Her career is scientific and traditionally her workouts consisted of running and MMA based works like Core de Force.  A good friend convinced her to try REFIT® despite some resistance about the "danciness" but she was hooked.  If you are nervous about coming into a dance fitness class because you feel like you have two left feet, or your don't do "dancy," her classes are a great way to ease into dance fitness with a mix of choreography that includes punching, kicks, and attitude.  Katie's playlist can best be described as punchy and empowering with a mix of toning songs that will encourage you to explore your limits.

Certified REFIT® Instructor

Amy Fox

​Amy is a Certified Personal Trainer in addition to being a REFIT® Instructor and a REV + FLOW Instructor.  She returned to fitness a few years ago after forgetting how wonderful it felt to be strong and flexible thanks to Heart and Soul Fitness.  In addition to being a fitness professional, she lives in what she calls a “magical neighborhood” here in Concord with her husband and 2 of her 4 kids. She is also a working artist and grandmother.  She loves to cook, garden, travel, and spend time with her pets.  She says, “I have always believed sharing joy to be my highest calling.  As a REFIT® and REV + FLOW instructor I get to do that with so many amazing people!”

Certified REFIT® and REV+FLOW Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer

Lizzie Fraser

​Lizzie is a wife, super busy sports mama of two, a full-time elementary school teacher, and a new REFIT® instructor!

She found REFIT® and Heart and Soul Fitness when she was really struggling to "find time" to exercise.  After attending her first class, she was so excited because it was fun, uplifting, encouraging, challenging, and didn't feel like something she "had to do," but something she wanted to do!  Her daughter was also able to participate in class, and she LOVED being able to exercise with her!  It then became much easier to find the time to exercise with REFIT® at Heart and Soul Fitness because it was something she truly enjoyed.

Lizzie says, "Come join me and the awesome Heart and Soul Fitness community! I promise that you'll have a great time and leave feeling encouraged and uplifted. Heart and Soul and REFIT® have truly changed my life!"

Certified REFIT® Instructor

Eileen McNaughton

Eileen McNaughton is a former professional dancer with the San Francisco Ballet.  She is currently a kindergarten teacher in the local Mount Diablo Unified School District.  She enjoys combining her passions of teaching, children, and dance.

Ballet with Mrs. M

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